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Beginnings is a celebration of renewal following a broken experience. It’s a toast to fresh start after closure. It’s a thanksgiving to life. It’s a tribute to people – families, friends, doctors and nurses – who walk side-by-side with cancer patients.

I hope you will join me in paying tribute and lending support by offering encouragement and a gift of hope to those who have fought, or are undergoing the ordeal.

To donate, please click on the logos of Duke-NUS Medical School and/ or the Singapore Cancer Society.


With advances in medicine and science today, I believe cancer treatments will become more effective. My hope is that through supporting Duke-NUS Medical School, specifically in thyroid cancer research, cancer patients will receive quality care and survivors will continue to live fulfilling lives.

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Singapore Cancer Society is a community-based voluntary welfare organisation. Its mission is dedicated to public education, financial assistance, patient services, support and rehabilitation. I appreciate that the suite of programme is focused on supporting patients’ journey to recovery.